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For almost 30 years, BBAM has been a global leader in aircraft investing and asset management providing its Capital Partners and Third-Party Investors with unique investment opportunities in a growing and exciting new asset class. 

As a full-service lessor, BBAM is also able to provide customized fleet and financing solutions for its more than 200 airline customers across the globe. 

BBAM maintains a professional team of in-house experts, with capabilities encompassing:

  • Aircraft Origination and Disposition
  • Lease Marketing
  • Aircraft Technical
  • Management
  • Aircraft Modifications
  • Passenger to Freighter Conversions
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Financial and Tax
  • Structuring
  • Legal Services
  • Equity and Debt Sourcing
  • Credit Analysis
  • Contracts and Lease Management
  • Investor Reporting and Compliance for all aircraft types and investment strategies

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